January 17, 2016

This blog is a mini project I started before I left my country to study and live in North America all by myself. I designed and created this space piece-by-piece using the only basic knowledge and skills I have in IT – so please don’t judge. Not everyone may know, but I’ve always had this long running fascination for arts, photography, multimedia and everything creative that made me come up with this self-titled blog to use as an outlet to express.

I’ve started blogging since the year 2012 but have never fully committed to it, and so this time despite of my full time schooling, part-time work, volunteer commitments, and the frustrations and responsibilities of being an adult – is another attempt to conquer the blogosphere. There are hefty of things which I aim to do for my blog, but as of now, I am short of equipment and finances to make everything happen all at once so with the help and encouragement of some good friends and support of my family, I’ll begin with all that I've got with the hope to make it big someday. 

My name is Czarina and I am 20 years old, born and raised in the Philippines but currently based in Vancouver, Canada. Look forward for a line-up of entry about my personal style, travels, good eats, career, relationships, lifestyle and more. I hope that this is the place where you can find the little details of life that make you happy!

Come on in and follow along!

With Love, Czarina