Explore BC 2016: Steam Clock at Gastown

January 26, 2016

If you were to ask me what is one of my favorite places in downtown Vancouver? The street of Gastown would probably on my top three list. I use to walk around Gastown a lot during lunch time and after school, but especially before the night falls as it's when the time were the trees are all lit and entire street is just bright and lively. As much as I love the nature and peace that Vancouver offer, my heart still craves for big cities and crowds, the city lights and fast cars, old buildings and shiny architectures, a city alive at midnight and will never stop, and somehow, somehow I found a portion of what my heart seek in the beauty of this historic place –  Gastown. 

Tourists can find plenty of souvenirs stores, art galleries, independent cafes and many different kinds of quirky boutiques, but nonetheless you will find here the famous clock in Vancouver that is run on steam and whistles which all make for a good experience. Gastown will give you the feels of an old European street with full of nice old building, enthralling architectures and a few interesting local sidewalk artists and their artworks. Although, others may think Gastown is kind of overrated – well probably it's true that there is nothing breathtaking at all to be honest, but I just like how it differs from the rest of the city and I appreciate how they well-restored the vintage buildings from Vancouver's ancient past. Overall, It's a great place to have a look at but be prepared for beggars asking for money. Otherwise, It's worth your time!

If you think those portraits of some iconic people you're seeing in the photo above are just simply black and white photographs taken using a camera, you're wrong! It's amazing how those are actually hand-drawn! The artist even offered to draw our faces for 10 bucks but refused to because I might get disappointed on the non-filtered end-result! Maybe some other time? haha Anyway, I just hope that more people will notice incredible artists like him. 

Writing this blog post made me regret not being able to take as much photos as I could of this spontaneous trip in downtown with my two good friends, Stefen and Calvin. For umpteen times, I will never get tired of saying how lucky I am to have found a good company in Vancouver to make a boring Sunday night, fun and indelible! And just before I end this, we are giving the credits for our awesome group photo to the security who did not mind taking the photo for us! 

To many more unplanned late night trips, lasting friendships and great experiences to blog, here I come 21st! 

With love, Czarina

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