Explore BC 2016: Van Dusen Botanical Garden

January 23, 2016

An evening stroll through the beautiful holiday lights display at Van Dusen Botanical Garden a day before they set to turn off the lights, to kick-start 2016! Just when I thought I already missed the annual holiday tradition at Van Dusen last month - they extended it for three more weeks this January! And the hell, there's no way I am not seeing the festival for the first time this year! 

Lucky of a person that I am to have met a friend in this busy city of Vancouver who's always just one phone call away, ready to join me in my crazy little adventures with all his digital camera, go pro and google map prepared! I'm so surprised that someone just actually beat the level of travel preparedness I do when I go places! Both hands down! So basically, I found a friend, a travel companion and my very own self-proclaimed photographer (no he didn't even signed up for this! haha), but the most important of all is to have met a buddy who's gonna eat Häagen-Dazs with me on a winter time outdoors! YES, that is really necessary! 

Anyway, so off we went to Van Dusen last 16th of January but sadly they didn't do a five minute lights show anymore since it was already the final weekend of the festival. I also noticed that some parts of the garden were already barred. It's quite desponding to think about an opportunity I just missed! but on a more positive side, allow me to describe to you how amazing my experience was! Walking along the garden path made me feel like I was Alice lost in the beauty of wonderland. For a moment, I thought I was in a completely different world. It was too stunning to look at. I mean, who doesn't easily fall in love with anything that shimmers, sparkles and gives you all the colors of the rainbow. These photos I took using my Iphone camera does not even give justice to how magical the place was. I will definitely comeback to see these installations again if fate permits! Hopefully, I will still be in Vancouver on its next opening!

Jardins De Paris - a portion of the garden turned into a mini Paris. Special thanks to the woman who volunteered to take a photo of us when she saw us completely struggling to get a perfect selfie cos lights won't cooperate! haha

With Love, Czarina

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