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May 4, 2016

Just like any of you, I also have my own skin care routine to make me look at my best too! I find mine basic and often than not I just use products that are budget-friendly or fab products that I purchased at a discount ( ehem, my forte! ). Here is a rundown of my top beauty product picks that I am currently obsessing over!  

Olay Fresh Effects BB Cream

If you are still not aware of it, BB cream stands for beauty balm or blemish balm which is an all-in-one formulation developed to moisturize, protect and correct skin. A German dermatologist first invented this multipurpose cream that later on became a sensation in Asia and then spread through out Asia. It didn’t take long till it finally hit the Western store shelves.

If you’re looking for a good value BB cream, Olay Fresh Effects could be a great option for you. I have had this product for quite some time and have been wearing it almost everyday. Since I am not the type of person who’s comfortable in applying full-coverage make up every time I leave the house, this product really works for me. It does it job in making look skin more presentable and even out without making it feel heavy on your face. It gives a more natural look since the coverage is a bit lighter. But what I like most about Olay Fresh Effects BB cream is that applying additional thin layers for more coverage will not make it look thick or cakey. It is easy to apply and has a really amazing smell.

St. Ives Oatmeal Scrub + Mask

I could go on a day without putting on any type of make up but I will never ever start my day or hit the sheets without washing and thoroughly cleansing my face. I just love the feeling of a clean and freshly washed face, even more when I exfoliate my skin with St. Ives Oatmeal Scrub + Mask. Using a facial scrub for deeper cleansing can make your skin feel youthful and radiant as it helps in getting rid of the old skin cells.

This product is a mild scrub that did not irritate my skin and smells amazing. I use this every other day in combination with my acne control moisturizer and it leaves my skin soft and fresh. Most of all, it is not expensive at all. A product I will definitely repurchase.

Phytorelax Argan Multi-Usage Dry Oil

It is just this year that I have decided to incorporate facial oil into my daily routine, and this Argan Dry Oil work wonders! Argan oil is not only good for the hair but also have amazing benefits for your skin. It is best known for hydrating dry skin and as a remedy from ageing because of its anti-oxidant.

Phytorelax Argan Multi-Usage Dry Oil, a product made from Italy is so versatile that it can be applied to your hair, face and body to seal in moisture which makes it a good deal. Because this product is dry oil, it leaves a light non-greasy finish and will give you a silky feeling after application. It is truly a beauty must have any time of the year since it is suitable in both winter cold to summer hot climates. I usually spray a thin layer to my face and neck after washing and cleansing, and before I put on make up. After use, your face will be velvety soft and your skin will look healthier than ever before. 

Revlon Nearly Naked Foundation in Natural Beige

I don’t often use liquid foundation just because I feel like they are too heavy and caked-on, but this product from Revlon is an exception!

My current job requires me to look presentable all throughout my shift, so I’ve decided to look for a foundation that will stay all day and won’t melt off my face – I’m glad that I found this product at a pleasing price! The shade is much truer to my skin tone, covers medium and gives me a nice satin finish. I apply it with the help of a beauty blender to evenly distribute foundation, and I make it a point to use powder after application to help settle and make foundation last longer. My only concern is that the glass bottle has no pump which makes it difficult for me to pour out just the right amount that I needed.

Evian Natural Mineral Water Facial Spray

I have always wanted to buy this product even when I was still in the Philippines but I find it a bit pricy back then. Not until last month, I stumbled upon this product at a shelf in Winners, priced six bucks lower than the original so why not? I bought it with no hesitations at all!

I use Evian facial spray to freshen up my skin when I am all-day working or to cool down when I face a lot of sunlight in a day. It also makes my make-up long lasting so I always make sure that this product does not leave my handbag. I also suggest to have it with you when traveling or doing outdoor activities like hiking, it will help your skin hydrate. You don’t have to worry about it consuming extra space in your carry-on bag as this product comes in different sizes, it's handy and easy to use. You just have to spray it on your face and let the mist set on your skin for a minute, and voila! You’re good to go!

The Face Shop Real Nature Sheet Masks

I snapped up this product at a pretty good price, as it is buy 10, get 5 free when I dropped by The Face Shop store one time! I used a couple already and my skin looked refreshed and hydrated after using them.

These sheet masks are perfect for lazy beauty junkie who requires some pampering at home or in need of break from applying a handful of serums or any other beauty products before going to bed. This face sheet masks from The Face Shop will surely give you a mini spa-like experience at your own home and will leave your skin smooth. I use mine at night after working all day as a way to relax without the need of spending extra cash in spa. Real nature sheet masks come in variety of flavors such as lemon, green tea, pomegranate, blueberry and a lot more. Honey and rice are my favorites!

The Face Shop Premium Eyelash Curler

I think it is almost over a year already since the last time I owned one. I am not really a fan of eyelash curlers because it tortures my eyelashes causing them to fall out and the previous eyelash curler that I owned keeps on hurting my eyelid skin so much that I decided to abandon it.

Now that I have to doll up myself for work almost everyday, I decided to replenish my beauty tools and got this Face Shop Premium Eyelash Curler at an affordable price. First of, I like the appearance of it – it looks classy and luxurious because of the beautiful plated black and gold finish. Secondly, it fits my eyes nicely and does not pinch my eyelid skin and pull my eyelashes whenever I use it. Lastly, it just does it job in curling eyelashes quickly and making them appear fuller.

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