Explore BC 2016: Top 5 Day Hikes in Vancouver

November 17, 2016

I used to tell that I am not an active person, in fact I am very clumsy - I trip and knock things over and physical activities aren't my forte at all. However, that doesn't mean that outdoor activities does not interest me because believe me it does. I guess it's because I didn't have that privilege to live that kind of lifestyle through the years, not until today that I am already far out of my comfort zone. 

My family and I loves traveling, but my parents and grandmother who also raised us always make sure to keep us in our safety spot at all times - that bruising should not be a part of our childhood and playing is limited within our backyard. Biking, swimming and sports done under the sun, all these things I was not exposed to when I was younger and so growing up I didn't have that confidence to flourish in any of these activities. While all the other kids in school are becoming good at sports - I was fearing it.

After I graduated from Uni, I was lucky enough to have the full support of my family to explore life on my own. Coming here in Vancouver and making new friends who are like-minded and shares the same interest as me, gave me a chance to live life on a different level. I started hiking mountains after mountains, jumped in glacial lake several times, bruised from the rocks, burnt from the sun but it was all worth it. The life long friends I gained, the surreal views I've laid my eyes on, the journey going up and down the mountains, all the experience and how all of these changed me to be better - I will forever be grateful for.

This 2016, I managed to conquer 10 hiking trails and hoping I could do one more hike before the year ends. I will be sharing with you my top 5 favorites out of the 10 which I extremely recommend that you do as well if you live here or planning to visit British Columbia.

1. Joffre Lakes

2. Garibaldi Lake

3. Lindeman Lake

 4. Grouse Mountain

5. Lighthouse Park and Dog Mountain

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