Explore BC 2016: Quarry Rock Hike in Deep Cove

November 16, 2016

It has been more than a year now since I moved in Vancouver. I couldn't believe I made it this far, on my own, at my early 20s. I remember how much I wanted to get to where I am today and to become the person that I am now a few years back, hoping and wishing to begin an adventure an ocean away from home and then finally making it happen at twenty. 

It wasn't easy at all, I tell you. Moving from one apartment to another, jumping from job to job, finding the right balance while adjusting to a whole new culture - It was indeed a one heck of roller coster ride in just a year. This experience changed me in all aspects of life, gave me new purpose and taught me what really matters in life and how to live the rest of it. 

That I'll put on a different blog post. On the side note, lately, I realized I've been drowning myself at work too much that made my day-to-day extremely depressing and so I cut back on my hours to give myself time to do what I want. I always try to live by the idea that: Nothing is worth it if I am not happy and I owe it to myself to make a change when I am unhappy. I just taught that I am in full control of my life. I have all the options right in front of me and it just all goes down on what matters most to me - I choose happiness. When I started to adopt this type of mindset, I was able to set myself free.

As a way to de-stress, my friend and I went for a quick afternoon hike to Quarry Rock last November 11, 2016, Friday. It has become a stress reliever to me after almost doing it every week during the summer. It gives me freedom to relax freely while enjoying the beauty of the nature. Quarry Rock in Deep Cove is a popular destination here in Vancouver as it is just less than an hour bus ride from downtown and an hour and a half hike in average, that will already give you spectacular viewpoint. 

Vest: H&M
Pants: H&M
Beanie Hat: H&M
Shoes: Nike

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