Travel: The Perfect Passport Holder

December 12, 2016

If you're a travel addict just like myself with a never ending wanderlust, you'll know how important a passport is. As for my case, I consider my passport as my most valuable possession and my key to the world. I couldn't imagine not having one or getting mine stolen or damaged, as I still keep the very first passport issued to me which is still way back 2006, and now I am on my third. 

It is in every single pages of my passport where you'll find the best story of my life. The stamps in and out of different countries and full-pages visas I have acquired through the years tells a lot of how I have lived most of life. More than a useful identification document around the world, I see it more as a memory machine. Some days, I just literally sit down and flip through it, and it immediately takes me back to every airport, border crossings, conversations with customs/immigration officers, the friendships made and memories of people in every journey I've been to.

I love my passport and I take care of it like it's my baby. That is why, last Black Friday I got myself the perfect leather passport holder from Fossil to make sure my passport is always protected when I am traveling, especially now that I live abroad. I like that it doesn't only hold my passport, but it also comes with a zipper pocket for my cash, a slide pocket, four credit card slots and hey it's RFID protected. It helps me to stay minimalist and organized when traveling since I didn't have to carry extra purse for my bills, credit cards and IDs. It's also just the right size and is very light-weight. In terms of the design, it's definitely my style - simple and classy in black and gold tone! In fact, I loved this Fossil passport case so much that I ended up using it everyday instead.

You can find it here: FOSSIL RFID PASSPORT CASE