Travel: I got myself another Pandora

January 24, 2017

Last year before the year ends, I purchased another set of jewelries from Pandora and promised myself that it's gonna be my last for the mean time - despite of the week long boxing day promotion! cries in the corner. Well, I managed to get through the boxing week without buying my third Pandora jewelry which I am very proud of. That was a hell of emotional and mental torture to me. haha

The truth is, I don't buy and wear jewelries often. It all started with the idea of using Pandora charm and bracelet as a souvenir to collect whenever I travel. The first one I got using my hard-earned money was just last October 2016 when I was in the verge of packing all of my stuff to fly back home earlier than planned, but of course it didn't happened because right now I am still here in Canada. The holiday season is the toughest time of the year when you're far away from your family, I guess. Glad, it's all over now! haha That's when the reality of being an adult strikes and it sucks. So yeah, a month after that is when I shopped for the second time in Pandora.

Anyways, I got myself a Canada charm since here is where it all began and a globe charm that says Travel the World on it just because there is more traveling to come and that's a promise to myself. I'd like to collect all of the travel charms in the future but I'd like to do it one at a time. One charm, one country just to make it meaningful and worthy. So far, I've been to 7 countries and now my Pandora bracelet has some catching up to do.

I am so happy that I finally got to tick this off the bucketlist already. I promised myself that I will only purchase one for my own when I already bought one for my mom and sister. My boyfriend and I, purchased one for my mom earlier this year as a birthday present and I bought another set for my sister as a gift for her graduation in Med school. I made it just in time before 2016 ended and I got more than what I planned for. It is not just another material thing to me, it's another representation of how much I have worked hard to reach every goal that I have.


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